How to live the Palio


Before the race

Join an eve-of-Palio feast in one of the Contrade. Each competing contrada holds a feast the night before the Palio. The jockey, the contradaioli (the people from the contrada), guests and visitors sit on long communal tables and feast and sing into the early hours.

On the day of the Palio take a private guided visit  of a Contrada museum. You will be able to visit the chapel where the horse is blessed and admire costumes and flags from medieval to modern times.The museum also houses all the Palio banners won by that contrada over the centuries. The visit will led by a multilingual guide.

Eat a delicious brunch at a traditional tavern in the historic center of Siena.

How to watch the race

In numbered seats either in the tribune around the square, or in a balcony overlooking the square. Both will give you an excellent view of the Corteo Storico and the Palio race itself.

The balcony can accommodate up to 12 people as well as providig a terrific view of the race. Cool down or rest at any time in your exclusive living room, in which a delicious hot and cold buffet with drinks is available throughout the afternoon.


After the race

Dine after the Palio in a restaurant on the Piazza del Campo, watching the sun go down behind the Torre del Mangia, and marvel as giant candles are lit on the tops of the buildings around the square, bathing it in a magical light. Then witness the return of the Palio banner to the square borne aloft by the victorious contradaioli, who will wave their flags and sing as they parade around the square. Memorable!

Make your way to the winning contrada and join in the victory celebrations for as long as you like!